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Spooky Actions….




World of quantum is as stupendous as a Salman Khan film directed by Sajid Khan. Common sense is a far away thing in Quantum Universe. It is even more bizarre when you try to understand the concept of Quantum Entanglement.

Entanglement as the name suggest is ability of a particle to become involved with another one at a quantum level. Remember how Jaya Bachchan detects the presence of her son nearby telekinetically in the Bollywood epic titled K3G… It does have a plausible scientific explanation if you consider quantum physics. Her brain waves were entangled with SRK’s psyche at quantum level. True dat!


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Steins;Gate (Anime Series)

steins_gateFirstly, let me tell you that Doraemon was my only exposure to Japanese Anime and I must admit that I hated it. Not just that show but the entire anime community. For a person who grew up on Cartoon Network, Anime seemed very weird to me. That was until I watched Steins;Gate which, to put it plainly, blew my mind.

Steins;Gate is a 24 episode series in which basic theme is Time Travel. (Oh! How I love that topic)

Its about a group of friends who find out that the project they are working on can send text messages into the past, and hence, altering the present.

We are introduced to an eccentric young man named Okabe, a self proclaimed mad scientist who is… let’s say.. a nutcase. He considers himself as one of the mad scientist from a melodramatic Hollywood sci-fi’s. He has named himself Hyoin Kyouma (Nnaayiss). Kyouma poses as a agent working against a nameless organization as a part of his mad scientist act when within his friend circle… talking to himself on the phone and entering into an evil condescending laughter every now and then. A “refusing-to-grow-up man-child”. Continue reading

Book Review: Fermat’s Last Theorem

Three hundred years ago… French Mathematician Pierre De Fermat postulated the famous mathematical theorem:

For any n>2, then the equation:81ssAUH2jLL._SL1500_
an+bn=cn, cannot be solved with any positive integers a,b and c.

But he just invented a problem; he never did solve it per se. In the margin of one of his diaries he very wickedly wrote down that:
“I have a truly marvelous demonstration of this proposition which this margin is too narrow to contain…”
What a Troll!!
This unapologetically mischievous guy then went on to challenge his rival mathematicians to solve the above mentioned theorem.

But no one could ever solve it. Even after his death, for the course of next three hundred year several mathematicians racked their brains to solve this without any success. This pesky troublesome Theorem came to be known as Fermat’s Last Theorem. Continue reading

Is this Universe even for real?

You could be inside a matrix. For Real

You could be inside a matrix. For Real.


Allow me to posit an hypothesis that might put even the best of you in an existential crisis. This world could just be a computer generated simulation… and your conscience might just be a product of an advanced computer intelligence.

If you have seen the film Matrix, you might be familiar with what is called as Simulated Reality. In the movie, after winning the war against the human race, highly intelligent machines with their exceptional computational power, have created a Simulated Reality for the humans by harvesting them for bio electricity. In the Reality they have created, world goes on as normal for everyone but for select few who observes glitches in the matrix and realize that they are indeed surviving in a simulated reality.

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Butterfly Effect


In 1972, a meteorologist Edward Lorenz published a paper titled ‘Does the flap of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil set off a tornado in Texas?’ where he coined the phrase ‘Butterfly Effect’. An interesting title, I must say.

What’s it say?

The paper described the chaotic nature of the universe. It states that a system (lets take weather, as an example of a system) is very sensitively dependent on the starting conditions.

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