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Understanding Gravity Waves

The Dark Sector Lab (DSL), houses the BICEP2 telescope (left) and the South Pole Telescope (right). Source :

On 17 March 2014, scientists announced that they had detected primordial gravitational waves using a telescope called Bicep2 at South Pole providing first direct evidence of Cosmic Inflation, a phenomenon that happened just after the Big Bang.

The claim however was quickly snubbed when an international group of scientists using a Space Telescope Planck found out that Bicep2’s data could be just dust scattered through the galaxy. Embarrassing indeed.

So, this might make one wonder whats the fuss all about!?!


Gravity, is the most mysterious of all forces. Sir Isaac Newton, was first to study this phenomenon. You might be familiar with the awesome story of course about how an apple fell on him. And so the legend goes that, Newton was so affected by that apple that he went ahead and formulated his laws of gravitation. Continue reading