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Book Review: Flowers for Algernon

flowers-for-algernon-book I picked up this book randomly, no one had referred it to me, neither I had read about it anywhere. And am glad I did it because ‘’Flowers for Algernon’’ is a beautiful, beautiful book. It’s a science fiction per se, but it’s much more than that.

Charlie Gordon is a mentally disabled, thirty three year old man, with an IQ of 68 who is administered at a centre for retarded adults in University. He goes to work at a bakery sweeping floors and cleaning Toilets as a day job for which he is given daily food and a place to sleep. Professors at the university take note of Charlie as the only one among a group of half-wits to show an acute eagerness to learn and hence, they select him as the first human test subject for a surgery which claims to increase human intelligence. Charlie is very excited, he always wanted to be smart like those ‘profissirs in wite cot doing spearmaments’ and his ‘frends at the bakery’. Continue reading