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Isn’t it time we controlled our ‘natural urge’ to procreate?

In his brilliant book ‘The Sapiens’, Yuval Noah Harari explains how Money is the most universal and most efficient system of mutual trust ever devised. He says, people who do not believe in same God  or obey the same King are willing to use same money. Hence, giving rise to a new kind of religion… The capitalism.


And in turn, this Capitalistic creed have given birth to new kind of money called ‘credit’. As he puts it Credit enables us to build the present at the expense of the future. It’s founded on the assumption that our future resources are sure to be far more abundant than our present resources. Imagine the endless opportunities that’s presented if we can build things in the present using future income. Now, its imperative for a society which bases itself on future income, to continuously expand in order to service a surging ocean of debt. It depends on the ever burgeoning exploitation of natural resources. Because we live on a planet of finite resources, and the two ends no longer meet.

However, I’m not writing about capitalism and over exploitation of resources. My topic is a bit more personal. Do we need to procreate anymore? Continue reading

Superwicked Problem of Pollution in Delhi


The Indian capital ranked as world’s fifth megacity got a blow (Not just any blow, a low blow) to its development agenda when it was ranked the world’s most polluted city in 2015. Already notorious for being one of the most unsafe cities in past few years, Delhi’s problems only escalated with the government being notified by scientists world over that the city will soon be like an inside of a tandoor oven in if they continued with Business as Usual. The inhabitants of this city will be grilled like they grill chicken tikka in bylanes of Khan Market. Sandra Bullock’s tribulations in the movie ‘Gravity’ seems like a cakewalk compared to Delhi’s problems.

Air Pollution index in Delhi has been steadily on rise since past decade or so, but no one really paid any attention to it, be it central or state governments or the average citizen. Now, this was bound to happen alright. Major reason of pollution however can be attributed to the uncontrolled growth of the city devoid of any sustainable policies. But then, almost everything that makes Delhi, a capital city is working against it. The city has all the key factors for converting itself into a smoky Tandoor. Continue reading

The State of Chaos and the need for Scientific Temper

It has been nearly seventy years since independence; India has come a long way. We put a probe in orbit around Mars, guys! Then again, parallelly exists an India still under clutches of superstition and irrational beliefs. Prejudice, gender inequality, injustice and whole load of stupidity is very resilient in here.

Men are lynched in public on basis of rumors and worse, the murderers get away, casteism is still prevalent even among the most educated Indians, we have politicians calling for astrology to be recognized as valid science, we have leaders spending crores on their own statues, we have posters of film actors being bathed in milk when their films are released, affluent people in flashy neighborhoods have disgusting pile of waste rise up in their backyard mainly due to their own apathy, we have ‘intellectuals’ engaged in shouting contests over who should eat what which is marketed as news debates, we have a media obsessed over cleavages of actresses.

Our thinkers are no different either. Continue reading

Evil Corporation that’s killing our farmers

Source: Times Of India

Source: Times Of India

In the last three years over 3 thousand farmers committed suicide in India. 3000!

Farmers are the breeders of life, backbone of an agrarian economy like India. And their deaths, not due to natural causes but suicides as a result of crumbling debts, are indeed a cause of concern. Of course famines and pestilence are part of Indian farmers predicament since forever, the recent troubles however can be attributed to something much more modern and far mroe sinister – Genetically Modified Crops.

Corporations have entered into Indian markets selling Genetically Modified Crops promising Green Revolution, increase in production, eliminate hunger, progress, empowerment, sharing, conservation, rainbows and unicorns and what not. Continue reading

Myth of Sanskrit being most suitable language for Computers

My father once tried to get me to learn Sanskrit. He tried to persuade me by telling how great is this bhasha, how almost all modern Indian languages can be traced to Sanskrit. Obstinate as I was, never heeded to this productive proposal of his. Though a matter that always made me think is one thing he said in an attempt to convince me. ‘Sanskrit has been established as the best language for computer programming’.

I soon found out this was not just my father’s claim, its a well accepted claim in our society. Most of the people when they go into ‘proud Indian mode’, one of the first thing they say is Sanskrit being accepted as the best computer programming language. Ah! Now, that’s a tall claim. I gladly agreed with you on your argument that Sanskrit is a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious language. But as a programming language, let me elaborate why this claim is unfounded. Continue reading

Natural Selection over an Intelligent Design

When Charles Darwin introduced the theory of evolution, it was dismissed outright by some of the then leading scientists. But after years of research in field of genetics, biology, zoology and paleontology; Evolution as a fact is established beyond any doubt. So, It is actually a bit farcical that even after so many years, some people still categorize Evolution as an absurd fabricated myth. I did have a friend in my college who told me that my brain wasn’t evolved if I believed in Evolution. He argued strongly that evolution is just a theory and I am closing my eyes and refusing to see the truth that is ‘The Intelligent design’. (Most of his opinions came from a bearded mullah who provides unscientific proofs and quotes non-existent people to put forward his argument). There are news reports everyday which gives credibility to Evolution and here was an engineering student, who is so convinced in his faith so much so that even I was skeptical about evolution for a time being.

What drives them to believe their version is the ultimate truth is not my area of interest. However, I would just want to clarify these people on the actual truth. Evolution is a fact. Continue reading