Sharat is an automation engineer with lots of free time to spare. He waddles to his job everyday, pondering over cliche questions like ‘what is the purpose of life?’ more often than not. He believes in Causality and strongly feels that he is born for some greater cause like leading a resistance army against machines when they takeover in future.

He is an apocalypse enthusiast and imagines that the society as we know it will implode in itself in near future. He is a practicing atheist and insists that chattukangal (laddles).. err, sorry typo… chattangal (traditions) need to be mattuv-ied (ammended). He cares deeply about the environment and believes humans are the main cause of its destruction, hence have to die in large number in order to protect Earth… He acknowledges the need for a super villain who can get his hand dirty for the better of the planet. He would have become one if he weren’t born in a middle class family in India instead he became what all of the middle class kids become… an engineer.

He aspires to be on the cover of Time magazine by 2040 as ‘Man of the year’ or ‘Man who changed the world’. If not all that at least be featured in a slide show in any local website as one of the ‘Ten famous men who are aging gracefully’.

He is also a wannabe filmmaker, mediocre writer, curious about science, not a technophile. He is also learning German for no particular reason because er ist Ausgezeichnet.

This blog here, is the result of his apparent restlessness.


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