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Proposition of an Infinite You


Ever wondered how reality spans out? We observe that our daily life does follow a certain pattern. We know that if you jump from a skyscraper, you’ll hit the ground with your body strewn across the sidewalk, that dead women don’t walk around in white saree singing songs, that exposure to gamma radiations will not  turn you into Hulk, instead will kill you instantly. But we still observe things happening around us that are seemingly impossible which make us go ‘Oh! maii Gawdd!!‘.

Now, if everything follows a set of rules, why are we so shocked and surprised at certain incidents? Why some incidents seem so impossible that it leaves us dumbfound? Scientists researching in field of Quantum physics realized that reality is much more erratic and indeterminate. Continue reading


Is this Universe even for real?

You could be inside a matrix. For Real

You could be inside a matrix. For Real.


Allow me to posit an hypothesis that might put even the best of you in an existential crisis. This world could just be a computer generated simulation… and your conscience might just be a product of an advanced computer intelligence.

If you have seen the film Matrix, you might be familiar with what is called as Simulated Reality. In the movie, after winning the war against the human race, highly intelligent machines with their exceptional computational power, have created a Simulated Reality for the humans by harvesting them for bio electricity. In the Reality they have created, world goes on as normal for everyone but for select few who observes glitches in the matrix and realize that they are indeed surviving in a simulated reality.

This fantastical story, if Simulation Hypothesis is to be believed, Continue reading