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Colossal Scale of the Universe


To call our universe, Big, would be an understatement. The Earth itself, where humans evolved, invented tools, developed science, built telescopes… is nothing, absolutely nothing compared to the colossal scale of the universe. It is apparent that universe cannot be comprehended in terms of our usual idea of distance. Hence, Astronomers understand the universe in terms of – Light.

According to the fundamental laws of physics, nothing travels faster than light. Our Sun is 150 million kilometers away from the Earth and Continue reading


Of Hidden Dimensions and Intergalactic Space Travel


The Millenium Falcon zapping off into Hyperspace Source: myfreewallpapers.net

The Millenium Falcon zapping off into Hyperspace Source: myfreewallpapers.net

‘We’ll be safe enough once we make the jump into hyperspace’ exclaims Hans Solo (in the Star Wars Universe) as he maneuvers his space ship, The Millennium Falcon, away from the planet Tatooine while being chased by Cruiser ships of the evil empire.

After a momentary delay adjusting some settings on his space ship, Hans ratchets up their Ship’s speed. The ship gains a sudden acceleration and zaps off into the unknown as they leave the other ships chasing and shooting at them clueless. Swoosh!

In science fiction, Hyperspace is a concept employed in Intergalactic space travel. A space ship with hyper drive (i.e space ship that can cruise in hyperspace) technology can glide into hyperspace Continue reading