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Exclusive: Interview with Pluto


Source: NASA

In an Exclusive, Fuzzlabs has secured a straight communication line with the Planet… err I mean Dwarf Planet Pluto. Discovered in 1930 by an American Astronomer Clyde Tombaugh, Pluto enjoyed the status of a planet until 2006 before it was unceremoniously removed from the exclusive group of Planets comprising of major players like Jupiter and Earth.

In this interview Pluto talks to us about its life, Kuiper Belt and Planet X. Continue reading


Contact (1997) : Journey to the heart of Universe


Brilliant performance by Jodie Foster is what makes this film must watch

Have you ever enjoyed an opening sequence of a film so much that you wished it never ended. Contact’s opening sequence is absolutely brilliant and for about two minutes you are lost in its awesomeness as the visuals zooms out of Earth into far end of the universe.

Robert Zemeckis’s (director of Forrest Gump) Contact happens to be one of my favorite science fiction films. Sure it doesn’t have lead protagonist battling in space or stranded in another planet to stay alive, it doesn’t have a magnanimous black hole into which our hero falls. Or a killer robot hellbent on eliminating our protagonist. No! but its a satisfying film to say the least. It doesn’t answer anything but help us get comfortable with our unawareness.

Towards the end Dr Ellie Arroway played by Jodie Foster, talking to a bunch of school kids, says that she will tell them one thing about the universe. That its big. Bigger than anything we ever imagined. And if its just us.. seems like an awful waste of space.

Indeed! Continue reading

Colossal Scale of the Universe


To call our universe, Big, would be an understatement. The Earth itself, where humans evolved, invented tools, developed science, built telescopes… is nothing, absolutely nothing compared to the colossal scale of the universe. It is apparent that universe cannot be comprehended in terms of our usual idea of distance. Hence, Astronomers understand the universe in terms of – Light.

According to the fundamental laws of physics, nothing travels faster than light. Our Sun is 150 million kilometers away from the Earth and Continue reading

Understanding Gravity Waves

The Dark Sector Lab (DSL), houses the BICEP2 telescope (left) and the South Pole Telescope (right). Source : bicepkeck.org

On 17 March 2014, scientists announced that they had detected primordial gravitational waves using a telescope called Bicep2 at South Pole providing first direct evidence of Cosmic Inflation, a phenomenon that happened just after the Big Bang.

The claim however was quickly snubbed when an international group of scientists using a Space Telescope Planck found out that Bicep2’s data could be just dust scattered through the galaxy. Embarrassing indeed.

So, this might make one wonder whats the fuss all about!?!


Gravity, is the most mysterious of all forces. Sir Isaac Newton, was first to study this phenomenon. You might be familiar with the awesome story of course about how an apple fell on him. And so the legend goes that, Newton was so affected by that apple that he went ahead and formulated his laws of gravitation. Continue reading

Drake Equation and the Search for Alien Civilization

Are we alone?

Are we alone?

Looking up into the night sky, us humans have the habit of going into all existential mode pondering about life in general. Philosophers and scientists throughout centuries have been wondering if we are really Alone in this universe. The question does form an interesting premise for a philosophical debates.

Then, early in nineteenth century, scientists started asking another more specific question, much more scientific one.

‘If they do exist, Where are they? And how many of them are technically advanced enough to reach out to us?’

Remember E.T? or the desi one called Jaadoo? What if civilizations such as that did exist somewhere in the cosmos? Continue reading

Of Hidden Dimensions and Intergalactic Space Travel


The Millenium Falcon zapping off into Hyperspace Source: myfreewallpapers.net

The Millenium Falcon zapping off into Hyperspace Source: myfreewallpapers.net

‘We’ll be safe enough once we make the jump into hyperspace’ exclaims Hans Solo (in the Star Wars Universe) as he maneuvers his space ship, The Millennium Falcon, away from the planet Tatooine while being chased by Cruiser ships of the evil empire.

After a momentary delay adjusting some settings on his space ship, Hans ratchets up their Ship’s speed. The ship gains a sudden acceleration and zaps off into the unknown as they leave the other ships chasing and shooting at them clueless. Swoosh!

In science fiction, Hyperspace is a concept employed in Intergalactic space travel. A space ship with hyper drive (i.e space ship that can cruise in hyperspace) technology can glide into hyperspace Continue reading

Stuff We Don’t See…

Its not actually empty you know. Courtesy: iliketowastemytime.com

Its not actually empty you know. Courtesy: iliketowastemytime.com

Let me tell you something mindblowing! Cosmologists have concluded that everything that we have observed… The stars, the planets, The Galaxies, The black holes, the sun, the earth, me and you, everything that we call ‘normal’ matter make up only about 5% of the entire universe. Yes! Really! only 5% (This is where you are supposed to be mindblown!!).

Rest of it is yet unknown. And of course, we have conveniently named them Dark. Kind of a cliché, isn’t it?

In 1929, an astronomer named Edwin Hubble discovered something profound. Continue reading