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Dark Matter by Blake Crouch


Scenario 1: You are a content middle aged man with a loving wife and a kid but stuck in an underpaying job that helps you pay your rent. Which makes you a bit sad because you know you could have been worth something if only… If Only. Ah! Life, somehow feel so incomplete. Always. What if you had gone down the road not taken? How many ‘If Onlies’ you consider in a single day?

Scenario 2: You are a hugely successful middle aged man even featuring in Time Magazine. Yet you have to force yourselves to wake up in mornings, brush teeth, get ready and drive to the workplace where you are considered a God. You feel so incomplete even after achieving everything you ever dreamt off. You feel so alone. You don’t have someone to hold on to at nights and have deep conversations about love and life. You can’t help thinking about the road not taken?

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Stuff We Don’t See…

Its not actually empty you know. Courtesy: iliketowastemytime.com

Its not actually empty you know. Courtesy: iliketowastemytime.com

Let me tell you something mindblowing! Cosmologists have concluded that everything that we have observed… The stars, the planets, The Galaxies, The black holes, the sun, the earth, me and you, everything that we call ‘normal’ matter make up only about 5% of the entire universe. Yes! Really! only 5% (This is where you are supposed to be mindblown!!).

Rest of it is yet unknown. And of course, we have conveniently named them Dark. Kind of a cliché, isn’t it?

In 1929, an astronomer named Edwin Hubble discovered something profound. Continue reading