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Superwicked Problem of Pollution in Delhi


The Indian capital ranked as world’s fifth megacity got a blow (Not just any blow, a low blow) to its development agenda when it was ranked the world’s most polluted city in 2015. Already notorious for being one of the most unsafe cities in past few years, Delhi’s problems only escalated with the government being notified by scientists world over that the city will soon be like an inside of a tandoor oven in if they continued with Business as Usual. The inhabitants of this city will be grilled like they grill chicken tikka in bylanes of Khan Market. Sandra Bullock’s tribulations in the movie ‘Gravity’ seems like a cakewalk compared to Delhi’s problems.

Air Pollution index in Delhi has been steadily on rise since past decade or so, but no one really paid any attention to it, be it central or state governments or the average citizen. Now, this was bound to happen alright. Major reason of pollution however can be attributed to the uncontrolled growth of the city devoid of any sustainable policies. But then, almost everything that makes Delhi, a capital city is working against it. The city has all the key factors for converting itself into a smoky Tandoor. Continue reading


A Terrible Contagion and a Climatic Anomaly

Dengue Patients overcrowded in a city hospital. Source: ndtv.in

Dengue Patients overcrowded in a city hospital. Source: ndtv.in

Recently, Delhi fell under another grip of the pandemic that has been plaguing the city since ever, and this time the city is bleeding. In one of the worst Dengue outbreak in the capital in years, around 7000 people have been reported to be infected and at least 25 people have been reported dead.

With number of cases piling up, Delhi hospitals were so overcrowded last month that they had refuse treatment to many citing shortage of beds. Some hospitals even have two to four patients sharing a single bed. Following a seven year old boy died for want of treatment and his parents unable to bear the loss jumped off a four storey building in South Delhi. The incident highlights the hapless situation in Delhi this season due to this unforeseen catastrophe. There is a sense of panic everywhere.

In recent decades, dengue outbreaks in India have become larger and more frequent, with a greater number of severe cases and deaths. A study conducted by researchers at Brandeis University says India had nearly 60 Lakhs diagnosed cases of dengue between 2006 and 2012. With a population of 16.3 million people, Delhi is the second most populated city in the world Continue reading