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Steins;Gate (Anime Series)

steins_gateFirstly, let me tell you that Doraemon was my only exposure to Japanese Anime and I must admit that I hated it. Not just that show but the entire anime community. For a person who grew up on Cartoon Network, Anime seemed very weird to me. That was until I watched Steins;Gate which, to put it plainly, blew my mind.

Steins;Gate is a 24 episode series in which basic theme is Time Travel. (Oh! How I love that topic)

Its about a group of friends who find out that the project they are working on can send text messages into the past, and hence, altering the present.

We are introduced to an eccentric young man named Okabe, a self proclaimed mad scientist who is… let’s say.. a nutcase. He considers himself as one of the mad scientist from a melodramatic Hollywood sci-fi’s. He has named himself Hyoin Kyouma (Nnaayiss). Kyouma poses as a agent working against a nameless organization as a part of his mad scientist act when within his friend circle… talking to himself on the phone and entering into an evil condescending laughter every now and then. A “refusing-to-grow-up man-child”. Continue reading


Movie Explained: Predestination (2014)

Source: moviepilot.com

Source: moviepilot.com

What came first; a chicken or an egg? You can never tell. The father of all causality problems has made people scratch their head since maybe the first time man started using his brain pondering over existence and life. Predestination is a film which takes problems such as this to a whole new level. A story of a temporal agent who travels in time to stop crimes from happening before it takes place. So, much filled with the causality crisis that my head spun right off my neck trying to understand what the heck is happening. Continue reading

Movie Review: Primer (2004)

en.wikipaediaPrimerTime travel into the past is a mind bending concept to grasp. For it introduces paradoxes. There’ll be two versions of you hanging out in the same time frame; the original you and the one who has travelled back. So if you go back and kill your original self, do you actually fade away from existence? For surely there wont be any future you who’d travel back to perform this terrible transgression. Or do you just continue to live that life as yourself (since fading away is not a human thing to do). But as someone who knows the future and of course with a body to be dealt with.

Primer, let me tell you, deals with such paradoxes and ambiguities.  It is a simple film though in the sense that it doesn’t have your regular geeks, mad scientists working with equations, evil corporates chasing our heroes or fancy gadgets which creates electric field around it when activated. No…  But of course, this film is painfully confusing and complex in terms of the plot. Continue reading