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Proposition of an Infinite You


Ever wondered how reality spans out? We observe that our daily life does follow a certain pattern. We know that if you jump from a skyscraper, you’ll hit the ground with your body strewn across the sidewalk, that dead women don’t walk around in white saree singing songs, that exposure to gamma radiations will not  turn you into Hulk, instead will kill you instantly. But we still observe things happening around us that are seemingly impossible which make us go ‘Oh! maii Gawdd!!‘.

Now, if everything follows a set of rules, why are we so shocked and surprised at certain incidents? Why some incidents seem so impossible that it leaves us dumbfound? Scientists researching in field of Quantum physics realized that reality is much more erratic and indeterminate. Continue reading


Steins;Gate (Anime Series)

steins_gateFirstly, let me tell you that Doraemon was my only exposure to Japanese Anime and I must admit that I hated it. Not just that show but the entire anime community. For a person who grew up on Cartoon Network, Anime seemed very weird to me. That was until I watched Steins;Gate which, to put it plainly, blew my mind.

Steins;Gate is a 24 episode series in which basic theme is Time Travel. (Oh! How I love that topic)

Its about a group of friends who find out that the project they are working on can send text messages into the past, and hence, altering the present.

We are introduced to an eccentric young man named Okabe, a self proclaimed mad scientist who is… let’s say.. a nutcase. He considers himself as one of the mad scientist from a melodramatic Hollywood sci-fi’s. He has named himself Hyoin Kyouma (Nnaayiss). Kyouma poses as a agent working against a nameless organization as a part of his mad scientist act when within his friend circle… talking to himself on the phone and entering into an evil condescending laughter every now and then. A “refusing-to-grow-up man-child”. Continue reading